Membership Enquiries

The Handle HouseNew members are always welcome.

Membership subscriptions are £10 per annum for individuals or £15 for joint membership (living at the same address). Corporate membership is also available for £35 per annum. The membership year runs from January to December.
A fee of £1 per person is charged for each event attended.

Forms are available from the:-

Membership Secretary
Trowbridge Civic Society
2 Chepston Place
BA14 9TA

Click here to download a form.  Click here to email your membership enquiry.

How we use your Personal Information

  1. Introduction

    This policy applies if you are a supporter of the Society either as a member or a donor or have agreed to receive event notifications of local information and events of interest to Civic Society supporters.
    Trowbridge Civic Society collects and uses your personal information and as such is a Data Controller under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). The personal data that we hold allows us to communicate with our members and to administer the Society: for example - to send newsletters, emails and to collect subscriptions and claim Gift Aid. We telephone members infrequently and only regarding TCS matters where they would reasonably expect us to do so, e.g. where members are attending a Civic Society event or have volunteered for an activity, and there is some information to pass on to them.
    We do not hold data for any other purpose nor do we hold data that is not necessary for us to fulfil our obligations.
  2. Personal Information that we collect, basis of processing and storage

    The type of personal information that we collect and use include, your name, address, phone number and e-mail address and also Gift Aid Declaration where relevant. This information is collected when you join the society, contact the society to update your details or request to receive specific communications.
    We use members data in ways which, we believe, they would reasonably expect on joining the Society. The legal basis for holding and processing this information is ‘legitimate interest’ or ‘consent’ under GDPR.
    Personal data is held on password protected computers which are regularly backed up. Gift Aid forms, containing names and addresses, are retained in paper form according to HMRC requirements.
  3. Sharing and Retention of Personal Information

    We will not share your personal data for with any other person or organisations unless legally obliged to do so. We will not keep your personal data for longer than necessary under the legal basis for processing or as required to fulfil our statutory obligations.
  4. Amending, Accessing and Deleting Personal Information

    Members may amend their personal details and communications preferences, have access to or request deletion of, their personal information, by contacting the membership secretary.